From Whence, Fragment?

History Paper

Originally posted on on 5 July 2008

On the One is a winner named Georgie the Wash

Who had choppersh requiring belt shandersh to flosh

On the Two is a genius named Tommy the Jeff

Who fhacked up with his flave, much to no one’s diftreffe

On the Five is the honest sir Abie the Linc

Who festooned the Ford’s carpet in red, white, and pink

On the Ten is a hombre named Alex the Ham

Who got seasoned and smoked when A. Burr went ka-blam

On the Twenty’s a hick they call Andy the Jacks

Who made redcoats retreat and the White House relax

On the Fifty’s a Yankee called Yooly the Grant

Who was civil with Lee but let Sherm burn Atlant

On the Hundred’s the healthy old Benny the Frank

Who’s now wealthy and wise in the drawers at the bank

Only history which

This American notices:

Clips of Poor Rich

With green Ham and five POTUSes