From Whence, Fragment?

William Butler Bloody Yeats

William Butler Bloody Yeats

Is one of those poets who nobody heats.

Who doesn’t know his works and deats

Will answer to me and my closest meats.

I sits me down and contempleats

The woebegonne yearnings of Willie B. Yeats,

And how my heart exhilareats!

My soul is bestirred! My anguish abeats!

Though yes he had eccentric treats

(Like talking with spirits in mystical steats),

That wack-job W. Bee-loud Yeats

Is the hugest of poetry heavyweats.

Whose body of work intoxiceats —

Whose lyric sublimity quenches and seats —

Whose slightest line annihileats

Like Widening, Blood-dimmed, What Beast Yeats?

(Don’t confuse him with Keats.

Who had cravings for sweats.)