From Whence, Fragment?

Do I Make Myself Clear?

Do I Make Myself Clear?

To be fully opaque

Is an awful mistake

So unless I’m transparent

Feel pleasant I daren’t

But once you see through me?

I cease to be gloomy

No shadow I cast?

I’m contented at last

They have smiles serene

Who eschew being seen

They are buoyant of mood

Who can eyeballs elude

One is seldom annoyed

Who’s a bodiless void

And one hasn’t a care

Who is not even there!

Have I ever excelled

When I must be beheld?

Or experienced pride

When discerned or espied?

But I’ve moxie and sass

When I imitate glass

And a bearing of grace

When I’m emptiest space

Do you think us a nuisance

Who’ve need of translucence?

Believe us beneath you

Who yearn to be see-through?

Become you upset

When I don’t silhouette?

And transmit you no light?

Then get out of my sight

Should your head fail to spin

At diaphanous skin

As your rods and your cones

Observe vanishing bones

And your eye condescend

To on vacancy bend

While my voice you can hear —

Do I make myself clear?