From Whence, Fragment?

Said Willy Shake to Geoffy Chauce

Said Willy Shake to Geoffy Chauce

Said Willy Shake to Geoffy Chauce:

Should Big Macbeth bleed special sauce

Said Geoffy Chauce to Willy Shake:

Your actors’ legs deserve a break

Said Andy Marv to Johnny Milt:

A river mouth’s a grin of silt

Said Johnny Milt to Andy Marv:

Does Raymond chandle, ush, or carve

Said Eddie Spense to Philly Sid:

A kraken’s paid in giants’ quid

Said Philly Sid to Eddie Spense:

Could Parkour Poesy jump Defence

Said Johnny Dry to Tommy Shad:

Was Angie’s lens a Hasselbrad

Said Tommy Shad to Johnny Dry:

How fast do Mach-heroics fly

Said Willy Word to Robbie South:

I’m feeling Reeve but looking Routh

Said Robbie South to Willy Word:

That thistled wren’s a little burred

Said Alfie Tenn to Tommy Quince:

My fuzzy navel’s mixing lints

Said Tommy Quince to Alfie Tenn:

In Fall Out Boy it’s raining men

Said Ruddy Kip to Eddie Fitz:

Do needles pine for silent knits

Said Eddie Fitz to Ruddy Kip:

Respect my Rubáiyátsmanship

Said Algie Swin to Sammy Cole:

The bells of change exact a toll

Said Sammy Cole to Algie Swin:

Can floating hair be wearing thin

Said Willy Thack to Chuckie Dick:

Invest in sand, and make it quick

Said Chuckie Dick to Willy Thack:

Who doggo-eared my pupperback

Said Lordy By to Sammy But:

I learned to say pourquoi FOR WHAT

Said Sammy But to Lordy By:

Did Stevie’s X’s wonder Y

Said Gerry Hop to Tommy Hard:

That Howard tale’s an old canard

Said Tommy Hard to Gerry Hop:

This Manleysplaining’s gotta stop

Said Georgie El to Janie Aust:

What genre won’t these jerks exhaust

Said Janie Aust to Georgie El:

May all this sausage fry in hell